My Hustle is my own personal hustle and the result of trying to solve two problems in my life.

As a media freelance consultant, I was looking for a calm, comfortable motivating place to work. With three little girls I knew that wasn’t at home!

At the same time, as a co-owner of a small bar I am very aware of how hard you have to work just to pay the rent especially when liquor licences or commercial realities limit trading hours.

Unused for most of the working week, the bar seemed the obviously place for me to work. It’s calm, comfortably fitted out with WIFI, power, toilets, a beautiful courtyard and plenty of coffee. Actually, it was perfect. But then I thought, why wouldn’t this work for other people just like me?  Just imagine how much better it could be with a team of co-workers all doing their own amazing stuff.

I thought about how many people I knew searching for a space and a community of people like this; creatives, small business owners, mortgage brokers, lawyers, wine reps ….  It can be lonely working for yourself! As the manager of Percy Flint, Maddie knew so many locals and regulars and she was convinced there would be support from the South Fremantle community. So, we talked to people about what they wanted, how it would work and who might be interest and shaped My Hustle from there.

They told us flexibility is all important and community is what will keep them coming back.  So, we created a co-work space without monthly commitments. Casual bookings often work better for people with busy, unpredictable schedules or others who want to combine co-working with working from home, the office or the road to keep connected and get some things done.

We lined up events and local benefits aimed at helping members in their lives and work. And most importantly we met some incredible people doing really exciting things and introduced them to each other.

We can’t wait to see what happens form here….