All bookings are paid before use except by arrangement with manager.

All bookings should be made directly through Skedda by the user.

Co-working is available for full day booking only from 8 to 4pm for a fixed $50 fee.

Regular users and charities are eligible for 10% discount after discussion with manager.

Up to 2 additional workers can join a co-worker at a booth for an additional $30 each.

No more than 3 people should be working at each booth.

All equipment must be packed up and disconnected from power and WIFI by 4pm.


Guest Policy

Co-workers can have guests for up to 30 mins per visitor.

Co-workers and their guests are asked to be respectful of other workers.

Guests are able to purchase tea and coffee.

Meetings exceeding 30 minutes must book the meeting room. (included tea and coffee for all attendees).

Meeting room attendees will vacate meeting room after the booking expires.



My Hustle has a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

User can change their booking manually within 24 hours of the booking commencing.

For Booking Cancellations with 24 hours’ notice contact

Changes and Cancellations without 24 hours’ notice are at the manager discretion. Contact